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Houghton’s High-Tech Fluids and Oils Can Cut Your Costs and Improve Productivity

A world leader in industrial fluids, Houghton International was founded in 1865, shortly after the discovery of oil in Titusville, Pa. Today this global company today operates on six continents from its headquarters in Valley Forge, Pa. Houghton International manufactures an array of specialty chemicals, oils and lubricants, and supports them with fluid management services, for dozens of industries.

Among them are metalworking, automotive, aerospace, bearing, defense, forging and stamping, machine and job shop, machinery and equipment, medical devices, non-ferrous, steel, and other industries. Tool-Krib Supply is pleased to offer a full range of Houghton International’s top-quality products and services to our industrial customers, including:
  • Specialty hydraulic fluids. The leading producer of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, Houghton ships more than 20 million gallons of FR fluids annually. Houghton is also the only supplier of all types of water-based and anhydrous FR hydraulic fluids.
  • Metal cleaning fluids. Tool-Krib supplies Houghton metal cleaning products that remove dirt, lubricants, particulates and fluids that accumulate on metal parts; system cleaners that keep coolant systems running longer; cleaners for general shop use; and custom-formulated solutions for your unique manufacturing process.
  • Metal finishing fluids. Houghton specializes in finishing products to pretreat for painting, anodizing and electrocoloring aluminum, all available from Tool-Krib.
  • Metal forming fluids. Tool-Krib stocks Houghton’s extensive line of metal forming fluids to cool, lubricate and protect your manufacturing equipment, extend tool and die life, and improve surface finish.
  • Metal protecting fluids. Houghton’s line of solvent-, oil- and water-based corrosion preventives protect your metal parts, tools and equipment from rust and corrosion.
  • Metal removal fluids. OEMs and machine shops have relied on Houghton metal removal fluids for more than 140 years. Tool-Krib supplies Houghton fluids for use with boring mills, lathes, chucks, saws, grinders and other machines.
  • Steel mill products. Tool-Krib offers Houghton’s broad line of highly engineered process fluids for hot rolling, cold rolling, fluid power, roll grinding, temper rolling, casting and tubular steel production.
  • FLUIDCARE™ chemical management service. Optimize your chemical use with a Houghton chemical management program from Tool-Krib. A FLUIDCARE™ analysis will ensure that you use the right fluids, in the right amounts, in the right way. Outsourcing your chemical management will help you minimize waste, reduce downtime, boost tool life, prevent contamination, simplify waste treatment, and control health, safety and environmental risk. You’ll have expert assistance in product selection, applications, inventory control, technical support, employee training, water/wastewater treatment, fluid disposal and recycling.
Tool-Krib’s expert sales force—whose members average 26 years in the business—is ready to help with all your needs. Should you not find the exact fluids solution you’re looking for, please contact us for assistance.

Count on Tool-Krib Supply for friendly customer service and same-day shipping of stock items. We can also drop-ship direct from our manufacturers. We’ll ship wherever you need our products—whether that’s in the Tri-State Area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, or outside—we’ve recently started serving customers in Florida and West Virginia, for example.

We also supply international customers in China, Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico and Ireland.  

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