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Best Milling Tools for Titanium

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Buy the Best Milling Tools for Titanium – Emuge End Mills

Emuge EF drill VA

In processing titanium the drilling operation results in high heat and the material tends to expand and then contract onto the cutting tool. Emuge EF VA drills are designed with a unique face, flute, and point geometry which is a much freer cutting design and best suited for the entire titanium material range. EF-VA Series drills eliminate the need for pre-spot drills, and peck cycles due to a unique flute bevel and point geometry that creates a much shorter, and manageable chip formation.

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Emuge’s advanced AlCR T37 multilayer PVD coating has a much higher operating temperature than standard coatings and is therefore best suited for titanium.

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Emuge Ti Taps for Milling Titanium

Taps are unique tools that create internal thread geometry in a cutting sequence, while removing process swarf, and then stop, reverse tool direction back out of the material. TI taps are designed to thread titanium and titanium alloys as well as other materials with similar mechanical properties. The cutting edge rake angles and thread reliefs allow for efficient chip formation and shearing action which is required in these materials.

Emuge Titanium or Ti taps are manufactured with patented High Relief Geometry (HRG) technology, which increases space between the friction surfaces for enhanced lubrication and reduced torque load in both forward and reverse direction. HRG counteracts the high compressive forces produced by the extreme elastic memory of Titanium. An optimized flute angle and profile create tough, long chips that evacuate axially in one direction. Taps are manufactured with premium HSS-E steel and coated with TiCN for exceptional heat and wear resistance, and a modified bottoming chamfer provides reduced torque and increased tool Premium HSSE substrate and PVD coating options provide the longest lasting taps available for these difficult aerospace materials.

Emuge C-Ti / Plug Tap
Designed with advanced left- hand helical flute form and chamfer geometry combine to optimize chip evacuation in the forward direction and add strength to the cutting teeth for enhanced tool life and process security.

D-Ti / Bottoming Tap
Designed with right-hand spiral flute.The slow spiral flutes will be especially helpful in thread holes beginning with an increased diameter (counterbore or enlarged bore).

Emuge TiNox End Mills for Titanium

TiNox-Cut’s dynamic flute and proprietary cutting edge designs, combined with a high heat-resistant multi-layer TIN/TIALN PVD coating, provide exceedingly long tool life by minimizing friction and vibrations. The internal coolant feature, combined with the chip breaker profile, provides for the efficient evacuation of the shorter chips produced. TiNox-Cut tools are made from a special ultra-fine carbide grade which further maximizes wear resistance.

Best Milling Tools for Titanium, CARBIDE END MILLS FROM TOOL KRIB SUPPLY EMUGE cutting tools nj ny pa

The cutting geometry features variable flute spacing and a patented serrated chip breaker profile, this feature helps in reduce cutting torque and deflection providing unmatched material removal rates and impressive surface quality in both roughing and semi-finishing applications, with minimal tool wear. A high heat-resistant nano-layer TIN/TIALN PVD coating, provide exceedingly long tool life by minimizing friction and vibrations. The internal coolant feature, combined with the chip breaker profile, provides for the efficient evacuation of the shorter chips produced.



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Tool-Krib is an official Emuge distributor based in New Jersey servicing New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and all other states in the USA. Our goal is to not only provide you with Emuge End Mills, Cutting Tools & Supplies, but to be your go-to resource for all your milling and manufacturing supplies.

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Further Reading on Milling Titanium:

What is Titanium Used For?

Titanium is a light-weight yet strong metal often found in aerospace, medical, architecture, jewelry and even sporting goods applications. With a high strength to weight ratio, titanium is an excellent material used for bicycle frames, golf clubs, and sophisticated applications such as airplanes and medical devices such as implants. Titanium is similar in composition to bone, so it’s an excellent choice when used for joint replacements such as hip ball sockets, heart stents and dental implants.

Titanium is non-toxic, which makes it an excellent choice for uses that come in contact with the body, and titanium is also corrosion resistant.  It’s more resistant than other metals to common atmospheric environments such as salt water and acid rain.

As a building material, titanium is free from pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking. Combined with its light-weight and durability, titanium is an excellent all-around material for most applications where strength, weight, toxicity and durability are considerations.

Most machine shops will encounter titanium materials in the coming years. To stay competitive in the US market, machine shops will need to migrate toward higher-end work which includes milling titanium.

Characteristics of Titanium

Because titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any structural metal it takes less titanium to produce a structure that matches the same strength of other metals.

“If individual plates of the same weight were made from titanium, copper and stainless steel, the titanium plate would be double the size of the copper, and 75% larger than the stainless steel. Conversely you could buy half as much titanium to do the same job as copper, and slightly more than half as much to do the same job as stainless steel.” –

Issues When Milling Titanium

Titanium is a poor conductor of heat, and when being milled, the heat does not dissipate quickly. Most of the heat is concentrated on the cutting edge and the tool face. The build up of heat affects the tool integrity and causes tool failure fairly quickly if not addressed.

Generally, machining titanium is a slower process than other materials because of its wear and tear on cutting tools. Because titanium is relatively “springy” it’s important to keep it rigid during milling to prevent tool chatter and to prevent the titanium cutting tool from being deflected away from the material during machining.

When machining titanium its necessary to use low cutting speeds, maintain high feed rates, use generous amounts of cutting fluids, use sharp tools and replace them at the first signs of wear, and never stop feeding while a tool and workpiece are in moving contact.

Tips for Milling Titanium

Titanium machining is different from most metals due to the aforementioned challenges of the material and the effects it has on machine tools. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing your next titanium machining project:

  1. Keep Radial Engagement Low to reduce the time the cutting edge generates heat
  2.  Increase Flute Quantity to improve the feed to tooth ratio
  3. Make a Thick-to-Thin Chip formation for maximum heat absorption by the chip and not by the tool
  4. Arc the material into the tool so that the material glides into the tool and doesn’t enter in a straight line that can create a loss of tool life

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